The Master’s Degree in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary at the UAB includes in its annual academic programme a new way of study, design, development and production of expanded documentary projects, with forms as diverse as interactive, participative, localized, augmented reality, mixed or virtual documentary, among others.

Our expanded documentary projects have been selected at important festivals around the world such as IDFA DocLab Competition for Digital Storytelling or SXSW Interactive. And they have been recognized as pioneers in their field in the Ibero-American field, standing out in important databases such as the Docubase of the Open Documentary Lab of MIT

The program incorporates theoretical and practical classes and tutorials with a specialized study of algorithm design and programming, integrated in modules II, III and IV, so that students can have the tools to design and present this type of project before a committee of experts and professionals, for its later execution within the academic year.

This class of projects uses and enhances the interaction of multimedia elements (video, audio, photography, three-dimensional models, computer graphics, texts, positional sound, videos or images in 360 degrees, etc.) integrated in different broadcast platforms (traditional screens, computer, touch devices, virtual reality headsets, etc.) to represent reality through new narratives. These establish other ways of relating to the viewer, changing the traditional paradigms of film development, production and exhibition. In this type of documentary, the viewer takes on a more active role when faced with the possibility of interacting, navigating and deciding the course, or their position in front of the story.

Television channels such as ARTE (France – Germany), NFB (Canada), TVE (Spain), SeñalColombia (Colombia), Canal22 (Mexico) or ITVS (USA) and prestigious international festivals such as IDFA (Holland), Sundance (USA), Sheffield (UK), HotDocs (Canada) or Tribeca (USA) have opened funds to support this line of creation and competitive sections.

Thanks to our research work, we have developed strategic alliances with different companies, including SAMSUNG, with which we have collaborated in the dissemination of some of our virtual reality projects, and we have jointly published the book “Reflection and practical guide to virtual reality”, based on the narrative, development and production of this kind of content.