The Master’s or UAB does not award direct scholarships, but in this section you can find information about grants, scholarships or loans for the university community.


Postgraduate University Loan Program (PREPOST 2017) in Catalonia: This is a loan to pay for doctoral, master’s or postgraduate university tuition that is offered by a university in Catalonia, or by centres attached to a university of the Catalan university system. Promoted by the Agency for the Management of University and Research Grants (AGAUR) and managed by Caixa d’Enginyers. In addition, university graduates with tax residence outside Catalonia may join, provided they enrol at a university of the Catalan university system.

Scholarship for the extension of artistic studies in the Community of Navarra: The aim of the scholarships is to encourage the extension of the artistic studies of Navarrese students up to and including 30 years of age in national or foreign centres.


Egypt: Citadel Foundation


Santander Scholarship: Aimed at financing complementary studies for university students, graduates and the rest of the university community. With it, you will be able to finance enrolments for a Master’s degree in Universities.

Obra Social “la Caixa”: Scholarships for university master’s studies in Spain.

Portal Ploteus: European Union scholarships for students of non-European nationality to study in Europe.