FOR A NEW DOCUMENTARY. From linear documentary to expanded documentary and virtual reality.

For almost twenty years we have been dedicated to exploring, together with the many students who have passed through our course, the possibilities of cinema of the real, always trying to keep us at the forefront of its development that, during this time, has been extraordinary.

This is why our commitment to a profound theoretical reflection that feeds the practical side of the course is so important. We want our students, in addition to learning the documentary technique in all its facets, to be able to reflect on its scope and characteristics. We are convinced that this is the only way to develop the imagination necessary to understand reality and express it creatively.

The documentary expands and finds new ways of production and exhibition at the same time as it develops new languages, including interactive documentaries, expanded documentaries or virtual reality documentaries, to which we have devoted special attention for several editions, in parallel to the attention we pay to traditional or linear documentaries.

Because we believe in our students and their creative capacity, we offer them the opportunity to experiment with us the new ways of documentary filmmaking, in which diverse interests converge: aesthetic, technological, communicative, reflective. We want to accommodate all these possibilities in a postgraduate course like ours that wants to be multi-purpose to respond to the complexities of contemporary audiovisual.