Subject: Expanded documentary. Aesthetics of complex thinking.

Extra: See master class by Josep Mª Català

PhD in Communication Sciences from the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona. Graduate in Modern and Contemporary History from the University of Barcelona. Master of Arts in Film Theory by San Francisco State University of California. He has been a professor at the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara, Mexico, and an instructor at the San Francisco State Universty Film Department. He has worked as a director on several television channels in Spain, Mexico and the United States. He collaborated with the Museo del Libro of the Biblioteca Nacional de Madrid, Coordinator of the “Centre de la imatge” at the UAB and director of the Film Essay Prize at the UAB. He also served as academic director of the UAB Publications Service.

Some of his writings have obtained the following distinctions: Fundesco Essay Prize; essay prize of the XXVII Literary Contest of the city of Irún; prize of the Spanish Association of Cinema Historians, and special mention in the Prize “Writings on Art” of the Art and Law Foundation.

Former Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences, where he teaches “Visual Studies”. In previous courses, he has taken charge of subjects such as History of Cinema, Film Direction, Communication Theories, Aesthetics of Image, Theory and Practice of Documentary and Audiovisual Narrative. He is also academic director of the Masters in Theory and Practice of Creative Documentary and member of the board of directors of ATIC (Association of Universities with degrees in Information and Communication).

He has published the following books:

  • La violación de la mirada (1993)
  • Elogio de la paranoia (1997)
  • La puesta en imágenes (2003)
  • La imagen compleja (2005)
  • Pasión y conocimiento (2009)
  • La forma de lo real (con ediciones en catalán y portugués)(2008, 2011)
  • La imagen interfaz (2010)
  • El murmullo de las imágenes (2012)
  • Estética del ensayo (2014)
  • La gran espiral. Capitalismo y paranoia (2016)

As an editor, he has also published El cine de pensamiento (2014). He has co-edited, together with Josetxo Cerdán and Casimiro Torreiro, the volume Imagen, memoria y fascinación: notas sobre el documental en España (2001).

EXTRA “Flujos de lo visible: la expansión del documental”, a master class given by Josep Mª Català, Dean of the Faculty of Communication Sciences at the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and academic director of the Masters in Creative Documentary.

In this class, Professor Català deals with new forms of visual expression, such as the “Webdocumental” and the “Comic book documental”, which claim to belong to the field of documentary filmmaking. To this end, it analyses the role of the documentary filmmaker in the so-called post-fraud era, the relations between the photographic phenomenon and the documentary mode, as well as the impact of ICT on the new forms of contemporary documentary filmmaking.