The interior city  (Trailer)
Curso: 2016/2017
Iso Luengo, Jorge Moneo Quintana y Andrea Ballesteros i Beato.
Producción: UAB - Máster en Teoría y Práctica del Documental Creativo.

A portrait of doormen, those people that we all walk past. Just
what are they thinking?

What’s it like to spend the whole day sitting in a chair, greeting residents and visitors while looking professional all the while? Many of us have wondered the same thing when encountering a doorman. The Interior City documents the entrances of apartment complexes designed by people who seem to have thought of everything except for the doorman. The silence and artificiality of a doorman’s professional life—perhaps partly spent in reflection or meditation—illustrates how utterly strange our everyday world can be.

The interior city (Trailer)